Vacuum Pump

Ever-power maintains four state of the art assistance centers to meet our customers’ requirements. Our technicians undergo a thorough training program to be certified in the latest techniques and systems entering the marketplace. This ensures our clients receive the highest quality service available.
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Our U4 series pumps are ideal in situations when high-volume efficiency is necessary throughout the operating range, such as vacuum chucking, product packaging, thermoforming, medical and surgical applications, meals processing and product packaging, lasers, and molding.

The U4 series pump is a primary drive unit and is supplied with a High-Efficiency TEFC flange mounted electric engine. We include an initial charge of Becker semi-synthetic oil to guarantee the best possible beginning for your vacuum pump, and if you are using our oil through the entire full guarantee period and follow essential oil change recommendations, we double your guarantee to two years!

Each of our pumps is made to operate on a continuous basis and may be operated with its inlet blanked off. SA series versions have an best pressure of 2 torr, and so are intended for make use of at vacuum levels above approximately 20 in. HgV (below 250 torr), but can be managed at any vacuum level, based on circumstances. F series pumps are best for make use of when the total operating pressure is normally above 28 in. HgV (below 50 torr). They have an supreme pressure of 29.9 in. Hg. (0.4 torr).

The pumps feature highly efficient oil-flooded rotary vane styles that incorporate an oil reservoir, multi-stage oil separation program, radiator-style oil-cooler, anti-suckback valve, vibration isolators, and high-efficiency direct-drive engine as standard equipment.